Consulting & RegTech Boutique

Driving transformative change in the Financial Markets, Asset & Wealth Management, and Insurance sectors.

Regulatory Topics we are currently working on

  • EU Taxonomy / NFRD transition to CSRD
  • GDPR and related Data Protection topics
  • FinDatEx EET v1.x / EPT v2.x / TPT
  • MICA / Digital Assets
  • European Green bonds
  • US Treasury Clearing
  • T+1 Settlements
  • DORA
  • Future Pensions Act (Wtp)

What we do

We turn strategic initiatives into manageable projects and excel at overseeing end-to-end regulatory change implementations.

our Team

All our consultants speak at least three languages, enabling them to work on international regulatory projects. Our organization works as a unified team, creating an environment where talented individuals excel and deliver excellent results.

Our client base and commercial network is developed along the axis Frankfurt am Main - Amsterdam - Munich.

  • Igor KrcmarAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Reinold SlagterReinold SlagterAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Joris Hillebrand, PhDJoris Hillebrand, PhDAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Jacob EilanderAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Jeroen van DamJeroen van DamDirector
  • Matheus OldenhaveMatheus OldenhaveFounding Partner
  • Elmo OlieslagersElmo OlieslagersFounding Partner
  • Mark TuenteMark TuenteFounding Partner
  • Christophe De BreuckChristophe De BreuckConsultant
  • Edward BoumanEdward BoumanConsultant
  • Berby van GoolBerby van GoolConsultant
  • Carmine LamannaCarmine LamannaConsultant
  • Luke OldenhaveLuke OldenhaveConsultant
  • Julia van BommelJulia van BommelConsultant
  • + experts network+ experts networkFinancial Services Industry

Leading brands that work with us

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Acknowlegdement & Membership

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