Consulting & RegTech

We enable our clients to operate effectively and comply with the regulatory framework in which they operate, through our consulting services and compliance monitoring tools.

Topics we are currently working on

  • EU Taxonomy / NFRD transition to CSRD
  • PRIIPs amended
  • IT transformations / System implementations
  • GDPR (Data Protection)
  • Transaction Reporting Regimes
  • Regulatory & Product Reporting
  • EET v1.x / EPT v2.x
  • MICA / Digital Assets
  • Retail Investment Package
  • MiFID Suitability / ESG amendments

What we do

We manage complex regulatory change initiatives and provide deep regulatory expertise & RegTech solutions in the Financial Markets, Wealth Management and Insurance domains.


Our latest RegTech compliance solutions ensure regulatory compliance with the new European Sustainable Finance Framework.

It covers the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, Taxonomy Regulation, Non-financial Reporting Directive and related amendments to MiFID II, CRR II/CRD V and IFR/IFD, as well as (optionally) corresponding national laws and administrative practice.


Our consultants are experienced experts in one or more Financial Services Industry domains, and have content knowledge of one or more regulatory domains.

Our core capabilities relate to deep expertise around MiFID II / Transaction Reporting Regimes / Product Regulation | Sustainable Finance Regulations | Business Consulting | Project & Program Management | Large Scale IT & Business Implementations | Stakeholder management | Managing the E2E chain of Market / Client data driven projects. 

our Team

All our consultants are fluent in at least 3 languages, enabling them to work internationally on various (global) regulatory projects. Our organisation is designed to operate as one and create an environment for exceptional people to do what they do best: deliver projects.

Our client base and commercial network is developed along the axis
Frankfurt am Main - Amsterdam - Munich.

  • Igor KrcmarAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Reinold SlagterReinold SlagterAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Joris Hillebrand, PhDJoris Hillebrand, PhDAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Jacob EilanderAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Eelco HoekstraEelco HoekstraAssociate to the firm, consulting assignments
  • Matheus OldenhaveMatheus OldenhaveFounding Partner
  • Elmo OlieslagersElmo OlieslagersFounding Partner
  • Mark TuenteMark TuenteFounding Partner
  • Christophe De BreuckChristophe De BreuckConsultant
  • Edward BoumanEdward BoumanConsultant
  • Berby van GoolBerby van GoolConsultant
  • Carmine LamannaCarmine LamannaConsultant
  • Luke OldenhaveLuke OldenhaveTrainee
  • Julia van BommelJulia van BommelConsultant
  • + experts network+ experts networkFinancial Services Industry


Access to a unique network of qualified Finance, Risk, and Compliance Professionals.

We have an extensive worldwide permanent network of top financial professionals, including CFOs, CFROs, CCOs, and partners from major firms.

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