Our Mission:

Help financial institutions truly understand the impact of regulations and stay in control

Reduce your cost of compliance by using our RegTech decisions tools.

Our approach

Our tooling can enable your qualified staff to achieve regulatory compliance more effectively and efficiently. Alternatively, our team of consultants, project managers and legal experts can take full responsibility to deliver your company-wide implementation and ensure regulatory compliance monitoring.

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    Gap Identification

    Use our online decision tools, consisting of predefined sets of clear business rules derived from abstract regulation, as a real quick starter for your gap assessment projects.


    • Direct insight in the impact on your organisation
    • Structured method for assessing and monitoring gaps
    • Solid basis for change projects and reporting

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    (Agile) Project Management

    Deploy our project managers and business analysts to define and manage your (agile) Business & IT implementation for you. Our knowledge and experience is your success.


    • A change project defined and managed to fit your organisation
    • Content knowledge and experience available on demand
    • True ownership of the end result

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    Compliance Monitoring

    Apply our compliance monitoring tools to help you navigate and master regulatory dynamics and uncertainty. We will stay on top of all the changes in regulations for you.


    • Maintain compliance and evidencing in lock-step with evolving legislation
    • Ensure traceability legislation – gaps - compliance
    • Create company-wide overview and control

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Our Solutions and demo

Use our technology to keep track of the latest changes in the legislation and the impact on your organisation, efficiently and cost-effectively. Scalable to use cross your subsidiaries and branches via one standardised assessment approach. Select one of our solutions below to learn more and get an online demo.

  • Pragmatic and detailed solution for managing complianceProduct Manager @ Direct Retail Bank
  • Very satisfied with the functionalitiesRisk & Compliance Specialist @ Global Trading Firm
  • Transparent solution for showcasing the regulatory requirements with the internal Legal & Compliance guidanceHead Compliance @ Private Bank
  • The online self-assessment part of the tool with completely up-to-date legislation helps us to focus on only those legal requirements that are relevant to our organization, avoiding time and money spent on topics that should not concern us in the first placeCompliance Specialist @ Global Bank
  • Not just Technology like Artificial Intelligence but content driven!Head Legal @ Global Asset Manager

Acknowledgement and membership

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    A RegTech100 company

    The world’s most innovative providers of technology solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of dealing with regulatory issues.

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    FinTech member of Frankfurt Main Finance

    Frankfurt Main Finance is the financial center initiative for Frankfurt am Main, the leading financial centre in Germany and the euro zone.

Our Trusted Advisors

We work with banks, insurers and law firms to identify the operational and strategic impact of regulatory changes, and implement new regulatory requirements. Our starting point is always your business model, taking into account the full spectrum of dynamics within the financial services industry.

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Why us for managing your regulatory driven change?

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    Recognised Experts

    We are recognised experts in translating regulation into business rules and controllable projects.

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    Your Business Model

    Our solutions always start with your business model and dynamics at the core of the analysis.

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    Continuously Updated

    Our solutions are continuously updated to make sure you work with the latest information available.

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    3 Degrees of Support

    Our 3 line of defence approach: do it yourself with support from our decision tool, use our on-line experts (legal, compliance, business) or get our help on-site.

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    Solution Based

    New way of consulting in the financial industry; software solutions to make compliance projects more cost-effective by reducing the need for external experts and consultants.

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    Legal Compliance

    A pragmatic business impact approach whilst ensuring legal compliance. Quality assured!

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