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Regulatory Compliancy Platform


Compendor has released a Sustainable Finance Regulations / ESG compliance IT solution for the financial sector. Gain direct insights into the impact of ESG Regulations on your organization, and a structured method for assessing and closing gaps, and for monitoring your compliance status.

Our product suite will provide all legal and business sources necessary to address interdependent regulatory requirements in one IT solution, covering in particular the following regulations:

  • Non-Financial Reporting directive
  • Sustainable Disclosure regulation
  • ESMA Suitability requirements
  • EU taxonomy regulation
  • EU benchmark regulation
  • EU Green bond principles
  • EU Ecolabel for retail financial products
  • Upcoming laws on ESG

Stay tuned about our product release event in the upcoming weeks


Why our RegTech solution?

  • HomeContinuity. Guaranteed. You find it a challenge to develop and keep the knowledge, experience and resource capacity needed for regulatory topics. We guarantee the knowledge and experience needed by your organization by combining smart technology with certified regulatory- and business experts.Never worry again about finding the right answer
  • HomeConsistency. Established. Different interpretations of regulatory requirements in- and outside of your organization are the main cause of delays in implementation of regulatory projects and worse, it results in unpredictable compliance processes in your daily business. Compendor provides a centralized, common repository of all rules, guidance and interpretations to ensure consistency.Always want to be sure of what is to be done?
  • HomeAccountability. Ensured. You find it a challenge and time consuming to proof to your auditors and regulators that you comply with the latest regulations. Our solutions help capture the required evidence, the people responsible and the effectiveness of your technical and organizational measures. Struggle to find someone in case of a finding?
  • HomeEfficiency. By Design. You believe that it is a fact that more regulation impacts your budget, your resources and your business. We assure you that with a combination of our RegTech solutions, shared expert pool and the internal organization, your profit centers can focus on their core business again, and your compliance will be efficient, by design.Believe in combining technology & people efficiently?

The Compendor Compliance Solutions enable me and my team to cost-effectively stay in control of the ever-increasing number of regulatory requirements.

Andreas Gehrke, Country Compliance Head, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Frankfurt Branch

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How our RegTech solution works?

Implementation: scoping and gap assesment

  • Move away from Excel based lists with our state-of-the-art decision models
  • Scope compliance regulations for your organisation
  • Pinpoint gaps in compliance within minutes
  • All relevant regulations covered as well as governance topics and cyber security

Implementation: Scoping and Gap Assesment

The Compendor solutions help us focus on only those legal requirements that are relevant to our organization, avoiding time and money spent on topics that should not concern us in the first place.

Compliance specialist @ Global Bank

Monitoring: Compliancy status

  • The compliancy status of your organization in one view
  • Spot open gaps, pinpoint the people responsible and track action
  • Exchange know-how with our network

Monitoring: Compliancy Status

This is the most transparent solution for showcasing regulatory requirements which includes internal Legal & Compliance guidance in the market today.

Head Compliance @ Private Bank

managed services: helping hands

  • Receive expert backup when needed in topics ranging from Data Protection to MiFID and from Cyber Security to Governance
  • Replace traditional roles such as Data Protection Officer with our flexible service models
  • Handle ad hoc knowledge driven requests within hours instead of days
  • The compendor platform backed up by experts

Managed Services: Helping Hands

Covered regulations

These are the regulations currently covered by our solution.
We are always working to add more and can add any regulation on request.

*ongoing analysis

The online self-assessment part of the Compendor solution helps our internal departments focus on only those legal requirements that are relevant, avoiding time and money spent on topics that should not concern us in the first place.

Compliance Specialist @ Global Bank

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Our promise

  • HomeWe speak your language Our tools make being compliant simple. Our platform is regulation agnostic, this means that no matter what regulation you would like to have implemented, we can deliver. It also means that your colleagues do not need to be legal experts to understand what is required from them. We speak your language!
  • HomeAlways up to date and in control Take control back of a dynamic and uncertain environment. We always stay on top of all changes in regulations so you don’t have to. Maintain compliance and deliver the proof in lock-step with evolving legislation, all from a single source of truth. No more multiple data sources, you are in control!
  • HomeSustainable impact on society Compendor is proud to make a sustainable impact on society. As a frequent participant or investor in multiple initiatives, we are and have been contributing to e.g. fair charities and a healthier environment. At Compendor, we are committed to aligning our business strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and adhering to the Principles for Responsible Banking.Home

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