Why work with us?

Why us?Continuity. Guaranteed.

You find it a challenge to develop and keep the knowledge, experience and resource capacity needed for regulatory topics. We guarantee the knowledge and experience needed by your organization by combining smart technology with certified regulatory- and business experts. 

Compliance is not something you prove only during an audit or after a new regulation has been implemented, your organization needs to show it on a daily basis. However, it is difficult to train & keep your specialist staff – especially with all organizations fishing in the same resource pool. Many leading organizations, such as Santander and ABN AMRO, get ahead by smartly combining technology, such as our decision tools, with certified regulatory- and business experts only when really needed. This way, you can prove your compliance on a continuous basis, reduce business risk and never again worry about not having the right resources for the task at hand.

Why us?Contact us to learn about how we ensure GDPR compliance on a continuous basis for Santander Consumer Technology Services

Why us?Consistency. Established.

Different interpretations of regulatory requirements in- and outside of your organization is the leading cause of delays in implementation of regulatory projects and worse, it results in unpredictable compliance processes in your daily business. Compendor provides a centralized, common repository of all rules, guidance and interpretations to ensure consistency. 

Todays regulatory environment demands that organizations move beyond a checkbox mentality. If you understand your business, you understand that being compliant is a hygiene factor, and that being consistent in your hygiene is good for business – doctors need to wash their hands because it is essential, not because they are told to. What nobody needs or wants however is delays in the implementation of regulatory projects or unpredictable compliance processes hindering your business processes. You need consistent interpretation of the rules and best-practice processes in order to protect your ecosystem, build trust and enable your business. We provide the answer to all of this with our convenient central repository of regulatory rules, internal- and external guidance, legal interpretations and best-practice processes.

Why us?Contact us to find out how we guided Bethmann Bank through their most consistent and efficient implementation of MiFID II

Why us?Accountability. Ensured.

You find it a challenge and time consuming to proof to your auditors and regulators that you comply with the latest regulations. Our solutions help capture the required evidence, the people responsible and the effectiveness of your technical and organizational measures. 

Today’s regulatory complexity not only makes it difficult to assess an accurate compliance status. Keeping track of new regulations, changes in regulations and their effect on your organization is an even more monumental task. This is only made more complex by the fact that you need to prove to internal and external auditors, as well as various regulators such as the ECB and BaFIN, that the technical and organizational measures implemented in your organization are effective and accountability has been appropriately appointed to the people responsible. With the Compendor regulatory dashboard you always have a clear overview of the status of your organization for all implemented regulations, who is responsible and where potential gaps are. More importantly, you will know quickly who to appoint in case of a finding.

Why us?Contact us to find out how we have helped ABN AMRO ensure accountability at every step

Why us?Efficiency. by Design.

You believe that it is a fact that more regulation impacts your budget, your resources and your business. We assure you that with a combination of our RegTech solutions, shared expert pool and the internal organization, your profit centers can focus on their core business again, and your compliance will be efficient, by design.

The growing number and complexity of regulations has a further side-effect, namely the increasing cost pressures and effort managing of compliance brings. Finding multiple, good experts is a time- and cost intensive task and keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments even more so. Additionally, having their knowledge readily available in a digital repository when a business department has a question is often unheard of, or presented in complicated excel sheets. Our solution to this problem is to combine our smart decision models with a management dashboard and our experts with those in your organization. You will know your compliancy status at the click of a single button and your business will have their regulatory questions answered in matters of seconds – in normal language, with pragmatic examples.

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Why us?Sustainable impact on society

Compendor is proud to make a sustainable impact on society. As frequent participant or investor multiple initiatives, we are and have been contributing to e.g. fair charities and a healthier environment.

At compendor, we are committed to aligning our business strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and adhering to the Principles for Responsible Banking.

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