Gap identification

jump start your gap assessment and compliance projects

Dynamic Gap assessment with compendor decision support tools

Our gap assessment tools are online knowledge-based solutions that use decision trees to simplify the process of assessing deviations from regulatory requirements. By using Compendor gap assessment tools, you are able to quickly identify those sections of the legislation that are relevant for your organisation and discard the sections that do not apply.

The Compendor gap assessment tools are a real jump start for any compliance projects, because they empower your staff with a pre-defined structure to quickly get to the parts of legislation that have impact on your business. The legally validated Business Rules enforce completeness and consistency of the gap assessment, automatically creating company-wide traceability and oversight.

Key Features

  • Understandable and clear Business Rules translated from complex legal texts, using legal interpretation, business knowledge and industry best practices. Always up-to-date to address and master the legal dynamics
  • Pre-defined control questions to determine which Business Rules are applicable to your organisation
  • Excellent support for identifying and describing gaps and defining measures to be taken
  • Collection of evidence on compliancy statements
  • In-line help available on definitions and more detailed background information
  • Context sensitive feedback module to allow users to submit questions to a both legal and business expert teams
  • Extensive reporting functionality and audit trail