Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions answered. Is your question not answered? Feel free to talk to a specialist.

  • What makes Compendor truly different? We simplify compliance by smartly combining the best industry experts and technology. We believe that technology should always be used where possible to reduce cost – and only use experts when truly needed.
  • What does the price entail? License fee per year for the use of the technical IT infrastructure and the regulatory model. This can be further extended with service contracts for expertise support on-site / remote.
  • Do you offer customization? With 100% focus on financial services, Compendor’s Regulatory Experts and Solutions are perfectly suited for the industry. However, we know compliance is never a ‘1-size-fits-all affair’ – that’s why your business model and your problems are always at the heart of our solution, customized where needed. So, if you need our solution to cover one of your main processes (i.e. consumer credit or otherwise) instead of per regulation – we can always change our approach to your requirements!
  • How do you ensure the quality of your tooling and processes? We hire solely financial technology specialists with global experience in regulation and banking to develop and deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients. We furthermore strive for a relentless culture of quality where no mistakes are tolerated without fixing them immediately. Our dedicated team of Regulatory Analysts keep a constant eye on the ever-changing regulatory environment, translating these changes into software solutions that keep our clients ahead of the regulatory curve.
  • I don’t see a certain regulation mentioned on your site, does this mean you do not offer it? Our solutions go until the most fine-grained level of detail when compared to the solutions provided by Banking Associations or the big-4. This means that we do not have all regulations covered. However, if you want something specific, say BAIT, or even FCRA that we do not have yet – we can always add it to our solution at any time.
  • How and where is the Compendor cloud solution hosted? Our solution is hosted in the Netherlands in carrier-neutral TIER3+ datacenters between the two largest internet exchanges in the world: AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt), with direct fiber connections to both. The servers are 100% Dutch owned and ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, NEN7510 certified and affiliated to DHPA.
  • Can it be installed as an on-site solution? Yes, of course!
  • How is my data protected? All case files are encrypted according to the latest encryption standards and only accessible via the Berkeley Bridge webserver.
  • I would love to be involved in your product development, would this be possible? We get this question a lot from our customers and this is why we always work closely with everyone to ensure all regulatory compliance and entity data management requirements are met. We also run a number of engagement forums such as our cooperation with the Frankfurt School of Management (see events), Client Advisory Boards and Regulatory Forums. However, if you’d like to be more closely involved – we are always happy to invite you to our ambassador discussion rounds – contact elmo.olieslag...@ for more information.