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Applying a new approach to true strategic giving

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibilityEconomic and social goals hand in hand with technology

At Compendor we believe that doing good is not just about donating money to elevate our public image. We believe that economic and social goals should go hand in hand with technology to achieve sustainable success. Our goal was to find a partner who can support us in following that mission by providing us with an easy to use, integrated platform to involve our employees and support what’s close to our heart in our everyday work. With StartGiving, we have found such a partner.

Corporate social responsibilityImpact at every step along the way

StartGiving combines classic fundraising with a unique sustainable giving concept and a web-based platform hosting all tools to manage our Corporate Social Responsibility matters. With their core values (transparency – sustainability – simplicity) lived out on a daily basis we feel confident about making donations without having to second-guess if the money truly makes an impact – the information is always directly accessible.

Corporate social responsibilityBring about positive change

Combining the biggest potential of technology and a broad charity project portfolio with the power of the financial markets to bring about positive change is a vision we want to actively contribute to. We are therefore happy to have established a cooperation with this young start-up.

Corporate social responsibilityAlso want to start giving?

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