Compliance Monitoring

TOTAL solution to become and stay compliant

Compliance monitoring challenges

Experience has taught us, that any compliance project is sooner or later confronted with three fundamental concerns:

  • Legal Dynamic Concerns. New versions of legislation and regulations become available in the course of regulatory projects, creating version control concerns between the latest legal obligations and the compliance evidence / gap closure evidence provided.
  • Traceability Concerns. The interlinkage between the legislation, the gaps identified, and compliance evidencing raises concerns regarding the transparency, traceability and completeness of the overview over the regulatory impact.
  • Enterprise Wide Control and Overview Concerns. Typically, organisations and their various subsidiaries have their own (local) approach for compliance monitoring, creating control and overview challenges for company-wide integral compliance monitoring.

Integral solution

Compendor compliance monitoring solutions provide a structured and standardised way of assessing, evidencing and reporting compliance. This creates the opportunity to achieve company-wide overview and control, and report to internal and external stakeholders a consistent and substantiated view on compliance projects.

We keep our solutions up-to-date to reflect the current situation of a certain legislation or regulation. This way, the initial gap assessment and the evidencing provided is automatically kept in lock-step with evolving legislation. Transparent and traceable!