Elmo Olieslagers

Founding Partner

Frankfurt am Main

Elmo is founding partner of a Frankfurt am Main based consulting and regulatory solutions provider. Over his decade active as Consultant, he has translated complex strategic intentions in controllable projects and successfully delivered for various financial institutions across the globe.  He started Compendor as he strongly believes in utilizing technology and online support models to reduce project implementation costs and increase control.

His style of working is described as truly dedicated, highly adaptive and structured. Due to activities in Amsterdam, Brussels, Chicago, Singapore, Frankfurt am Main and Zürich, he has built up international experience within financial organizations. Elmo holds a master’s degree in Management, a master’s degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Business Valuation.

notable Career & Qualifications

  • Defined and managed a MiFID II / MAD II / MAR / PRIIPS project at a significant private bank
  • Defined and managed various ILAAP programs for systemic important banks
  • Designed the Global ALM/Treasury Operating Model (front to finance) at a significant international commercial bank
  • Co-started startkredi.com founded to simplify the process of selecting and closing a personal mortgage in Turkey
  • Defined the strategy for a specialty insurer on behalf one of its main owner, a Dutch private equity firm
  • Integrated Treasury organization and IT infrastructure between two commercial banks
  • Designed and implemented the Treasury change management function for a commercial bank
  • Owner of the SREP ILAAP LinkedIn group with objective to transfer best practices related to ILAAP
  • Fluent in German, Dutch and English

Profile summary

  • 13 years of international management consulting experience / 9 years of experience as part of core management
  • Expert in regulatory translation and implementation projects at various international credit institutions
  • Successful all-round senior project manager of various cross-border, multilingual and intercultural projects
  • Executed various Target Operating Model definitions driven from various business cases and strategic objectives

Compendor Publications and insights

  • Quality assuring the SSM ILAAP, German Risiko-Manager
    Author - publication 01-2017
  • Liquiditätsrisikomanagement: Management der Innertagesliquidität, German Risiko-Manager
    Co-author - 2014
  • Liquidity Risk Management in Europe: Baseline Basel III Pillar 2 by Dutch ILAAP, German Risiko-Manager
    Author - 2014